Mission Statement

Services Approach



Intensive Supervision & Counseling Services, LLC (ISCS) was founded by Owner/CEO Christian Rousseau in 1996. At that time Mr. Rousseau was the sole employee, and the agency performed intensive probation supervision for juvenile probationers in Fauquier County, Virginia, as well as the Northern Shenandoah Valley. After two years of providing this service, and after many requests from professionals utilizing services, Mr. Rousseau developed the in-home counseling program and became licensed to provide this service in 1999 by the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services (DMHMRSAS).

Since 1999, ISCS has grown from a one man operation, into an agency of about 25 therapists, counselors, and mentors serving the Northern Shenandoah Valley. The agency has grown from providing in-home services to providing an array of services to address the mental health needs of youth and families in the communities in which they reside.

Mr. Rousseau has always held the belief that in order to provide outstanding levels of service, an agency must be able to control growth and therefore manage the systems in which the agency operates. The company has been built slowly and steadily with the goal to be an agency that individuals can count on to provide the highest, most professional, and effective level of services in the industry. ISCS began with this focus, and works toward achieving this goal each and every day in providing services to youth, families, and communities.


It is the mission of Intensive Supervision and Counseling Services, LLC to provide high quality, effective community based treatment to the youth, adults, and families who are experiencing significant behavioral and/or mental health difficulties in their home and community settings. ISCS strives to provide services with a strength based, wrap around approach to prevent individuals from being removed from their homes and communities to more restrictive treatment facilities.


Intensive Supervision and Counseling Services, LLC utilizes a multi-systemic approach in working with individuals and families in the community and outpatient settings. This approach utilizes a holistic view of services with the focus on getting the client and family what they need to be successful in all environments. ISCS staff incorporates natural supports such as extended family, close family friends, religious communities, schools, and other involved and caring individuals into the overall plan to support clients and families. The idea behind this approach is that clients and families that have good, strong natural supports are more likely to be successful long term than those that do not. Very often it is these supports that are the key to client success long after professional “paid” services have ended.

Successful services are all about making strong, trusting connections with clients. ISCS staff strives to make this priority one in every case we serve.Staff approaches cases with the idea that families themselves most often know what they need better than anyone else. With this in mind, one of the main focuses at the start of services is listening to clients and families about what they believe they need rather than telling them what all of the professionals involved in their lives think they need. This not only builds trust with clients and families, it gives ISCS staff a focus for services that the family is immediately vested in trying to accomplish. In addition, ISCS firmly believes that needs are not services as so commonly practiced by professionals. For example, a family that is having difficulty with interpersonal communication skills and anger management in the home setting does not need in-home services. They need to learn to communicate more effectively and control their anger in more effective healthy ways. In-home services may be the way to do that, but it may not. ISCS approaches all cases from this mindset, and this helps referring agencies and clients and their families get their needs met rather than offering a one size fits all service approach.

Strength base service delivery is also a main tenet of service delivery at ISCS. Experience and data has shown that nearly all clients that have been successful with services can point to one thing that started going well for them, one thing they felt great about, that one thing that gave them confidence and something strong to build on. ISCS believes this is essential in successful service outcomes. Almost always clients and families have many more strengths than professionals involved with them believe them to have, and it is the accessing of these strengths that often move the client and family toward healthy outcomes.